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Saeco Primea Touch Plus
Saeco Primea Touch Plus
Saeco Primea Touch Plus

Saeco Primea Touch Plus

Brand: Saeco
Code: Saeco Primea Touch Plus
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Enter into the world of the Saeco Primea Cappuccino. Its advanced technology and functionality, and its practical ease of use. Thanks to the exclusive integrated Cappuccinatore, it is the first model capable of preparing two cappuccinos or two latte macchiatos at the same time. The new Saeco Primea Cappuccino line offers to any connoisseur the very best in technology, design, and of course, taste.

 The Color touch-screen is the new exclusive innovation available only in the Primea Touch Plus model. This technology was originally developed for mobile telephones, and is now used in our coffee machines. This new hi-tech interactive display is the product of Saeco's continuous research into innovation. Thanks to its graphic color display and icons, you can prepare coffee and your favorite drinks with only a minimum effort and in just a few minutes. It comes with Sensitive Touch technology, which not only gives the machine its up-to-the-minute look, but it also makes it easier to use, thanks also to its special icons giving clear, instant details of the functions.

The Saeco Primea Touch Plus is the perfect machine for the high end coffee lover who is looking for not only the perfect cup of coffee, but also to make a bold and impressive statement about their lifestyle. Primea Touch Plus was created as a joint effort between BMW Group Design Works USA and Saeco International Group. This new machine is loaded with innovations including Touch2Cappuccino: a patented technology making it possible to brew two cappuccinos simultaneously simply by touching an icon. With a fully integrated milk container and frother, making cappuccino has never been easier. Nanotechnology ensures that the milk inside the machine does not adhere to any of the internal components. Touch Lift Technology allows for easy adjusting of the drip tray. A light touch moves the tray up or down to accommodate cups of any size. A new color touch screen interface makes operation easier than ever.

Technical Specs

Color: Black
Pump Pressure: 15 bar
Power: 1250 watts - 120 v - UL Listed
Unit Size: 13.5”W x13”D x14.25”H
Weight: 17 lbs.

Detailed Product Features:

Touch2Cappuccino: One button gives you two hot, frothy and delicious cappuccinos. An industry first in this category, the built-in milk container which holds enough milk to produce up to 4 cappuccinos, feeds dual auto milk froth dispensers. Place two cappuccino cups on the tray below the dispensers, press the button and the Saeco Primea Touch Plus froths milk into two cups, grinds and brews espresso and discards the used grinds internally to leave you with 2 cappuccinos brewed simultaneously.

Nanotechnology: Ensures that no milk adheres to internal components, leaving the machine clean and running in peak condition. There is no need for concern having an integrated milk container. Cleaning is much easier when the internal components resist sticking milk. No dry, clogged milk to prevent proper feeding when brewing a cappuccino.

Adjustable Built-In Ceramic Disc Grinder: Always produce a quality grind for perfect espresso brewing, when the machine is brand new and after you have enjoyed using it for a while. The operation of the ceramic grinder is very quiet and the grinder burr material is long lasting so it grinds coffee consistently for a long time. With automatic shut-off and safety.

Color Touch Screen with Sensitive Touch Technology: Not just a high tech and high style feature, this easy to use display simplifies operation of programmable settings. No more guessing what the buttons mean, icons make it clear. Easy to read in dark settings so you don't have to struggle to look at buttons. Just press the appropriate, easy to see, touch screen icon once for a single cup or press twice quickly to brew 2 cups. Your guests will feel comfortable helping themselves to a fresh espresso or crema coffee when the display is easy to follow.

Saeco Brewing System: An adjustable brew chamber allows you to choose the strength and consistency of your coffee or espresso by turning a dial. The Saeco Primea adjusts to optimize the brewing pressure for any beverage from espresso to a large crema coffee.

Removable 68 oz. water tank: The large tank means fewer stops to fill the water. The water tank also comes fitted for the Aqua Prima* water filter. The advanced filter technology of the Aqua Prima filter ensures you are brewing with water that tastes great so your coffee does too!

Aqua Prima Water Filter: Bad tasting water will produce bad tasting coffee, no matter how expensive your beans are. There is no sense ruining great coffee with bad water. The Aqua Prima water filter has been designed to improve the taste of your coffee by improving the taste of the water going into your machine. But the Saeco Aqua Prima filter does much more than improve taste - it also helps protect your machine from dangerous lime scale damage. Hard water can leave deposits in your machine that will affect brewing and frothing performance over time and can damage your machine. The Aqua Prima filter reduces hard water problems, prolonging the life of your espresso machine while improving the taste of your coffee.

Touch Lift Technology: Many superautomatic espresso machine have a spout that goes up and down to accommodate different cup sizes. This requires long flexible tubing behind the spout that the coffee must travel through. The Saeco Primea Touch Plus instead uses a motorized drip tray that moves up and down to fit many cup sizes.  Optimizing the distance between the spout and cup reduces splattering and temperature loss as the coffee pours into your cup. The tray is also removable for easy cleaning.

Sliding wheel base for convenient access and rotation. Easy access to all the parts to make your life much easier.

Bon Temp Heating Surface: Controlled cup-warming surface on the top of the machine uses active heating to reach a higher temperature than similar surfaces just using heat from the boiler in the machine. If you like to keep your hot coffee beverages hot, then you must start with pre-heated cups! Cold cups can draw the heat out of your coffee in no time at all. Espresso is particularly susceptible to heat loss. Imagine one small ounce of espresso pouring into a cold and heavy ceramic cup. Even if you pre-heat your cups with hot water (which we always recommend) starting with a warm cup will speed up the process. 

Pre-ground bypass doser. If members of your family use both regular and decaf coffee then the bypass doser is a necessity. Simply select the bypass doser and put pre-ground coffee into the bypass doser - just enough for your serving so it stays fresh, and brew your beverage of choice. For the next serving, just press a brew icon and the machine will default back to the built in grinder and use the whole bean coffee in the hopper - unless of course you choose to use the bypass doser again!

Saeco OptiDose: Adjustable 7-10.5 gram doser, regulates the amount of beans to grind per serving. This gives you two ways to adjust the strength of your coffee: adjust the amount of water used for brewing or adjust the amount of coffee used for brewing. Now you can get the perfect strength in the coffee cup size of your choice.

Insta Steam: Dual boilers allow for simultaneous milk frothing and espresso brewing. (Also provides hot water. for tea, instant soup or any other uses requiring hot water on demand)

Saeco Aroma System: Programmable (on/off/long) pre-brewing cycle injects hot water into ground coffee to maximize flavor extraction.

Easy Clean System: Easily removable brew group for chemical free cleaning.